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Petr Kucera

Petr Kucera was born in Prague, Czech Republic. He began smoking pipes when he was 17 years old and he started making pipes when he was 45. Petr was taught pipe making by Jan Gloucek and Tomas Mahovsky.

Petr opened up his shop in Voznice, Czech Republic in 2003. Petr invented his own shapes and many unique and intricate styles of rustication. One form of rustication was coined the term honeycomb and one was inspired by aboriginal art symbols.

Petr‘s pipes are identified by the brand Pipkin Pipes. He uses Italian briar and smooth, sanded, and rusticated finishes. Materials used for the shaft and bands include colored acrylics, horn, chestnut, and exotic woods like gombeira and betel nut wood. His stems are made from ebonite and acrylic.