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Lane began in Dresden, Germany in 1890 selling tobacco, and began its life in American in 1938 when Herman G. Lane, a grandson of the founder, emigrated to America and restarted the Lane brand in Manhattan, New York. Lane, Limited was located at 25 Beekman Street, New York City from that time until 1983, when the company was moved in its entirety to Tucker, Georgia where it is currently located. Lane boasts that, despite many sales and transfers, there are Tucker, Georgia employees who started at the original Manhattan plant.

Lane is currently owned, as of March, 2011 by Scandinavian Tobacco Group of Copenhagen, Denmark. Prior to that date they were a subsidiary of Reynolds American, Inc.. Lane continues to be the bedrock of the tobacco industry. They have also, however, had an influence on the sale of smoking pipes since their U.S. creation, importing leading pipe brands such as Dunhill, Charatan and many others. Charatan even produced a pipe called the "Crown Achievement" for sale by Lane.

In addition, Lane Limited owned the Dr. Grabow company from 1992 until approximately 2005. Lane continues to be a major player in the U.S. pipe market and elsewhere, acting on their own and as part of the Dunhill group distributing pipes by a great many makers.

  • An interesting read if you can find a copy (it is long out of print) is "Leaves from a Tobaccoman's Log", Based on a Series of Interviews with Herman G. Lane, President, Lane Ltd., by Raymond L. Schnitzer. We hope to have it in PDF here on Pipedia at some point.