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Lips Pipeworks

Thomas J. Lips about himself:

"Welcome to my pipes and thoughts. All of the pipes presented here are my own designs. I’ll be adding new pipe designs regularly so if you don’t see anything you like check back or tell me what your looking for. I’d be glad to design an original pipe for you.

I’ve been intrigued by pipes since my childhood. My Mom has a set of pipes that belonged to my Grandfather. Although I never met the man I had heard stories about him. I could picture him with one of those pipes in hand on his boat, or after a family meal. The pipes were a connection to a man my Mom really respected, but whom I’d never met. When I held them I felt connected to him. Now I make pipes that will someday be connections to a generation I’ll never meet. That’s what I hope to make, memories.

The pipe’s pictured are predominantly made from Briar. This is the traditional pipe wood harvested from a few countries surrounding the Mediterranean. While I’ve used other wood’s in the past to see how they react in this application, I have found that Briar is the best wood, and therefore the only wood I’ll make pipe’s from."

Thomas J. Lips
8245 NE Going Pl
Portland, Oregon 97220

Phone: 503 502 6398
Website: Lips Pipeworks