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Gregor Lobnik lives in Kamnica, near Maribor, the second largest city in Slovenia, not far from the border with Austria. He has a wonderful wife and a daughter. In his main profession he works in landscape preservation and therefore he's connected closely to nature.

Long shank Dublin, , courtesy SmokingPipes.com
Gregor Lobnik, from his website
Bamboo Dublin, courtesy SmokingPipes.com
Long shank Smooth Egg, from the Lobnik website

As a pipemaker he practiced himself since 2003 learning to make pipes from, and is good friends with, Austrian master Peter Matzhold. Matzhold's influence is evident both in the mechanics and the aesthetics of Lobnik's compositions, where the focus is on conservative, structured shapes and excellent grain.

He soon reached a remarkable level, as his entry to 2004's P&T pipe carving contest ranked among the Top Ten!

The pipes are not graded because Lobnik does not think too good of such systems. Each pipe is made with equally high claim to quality and gets priced individually to be consistent. The price is based primarily on the procurement costs for the very best raw materials.

Contact Information:

Gregor Lobnik
Website: http://www.lobnik.com/
E-mail: gregor.lobnic@gmail.com
Skype: gregor.lobnic

2351 Kamnica