London Meerschaum

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"London Meerschaum made some pipes under the name of BELT or THE BELT, I had this comfirmed by Bonds of Oxford St. who have 5 smooth bowl versions in stock at the time of writing, these look very simular to standard system full bent Peterson Meerschaums, the smooth versions have silverware stamped L&JS {Les & Dolly Wood, Ferndown } and has Belt and Genuine Block Meerschaum stamped on the bowl. I have seen 1 rusticated version with the same silerware and 2 of which I own 1, have gold plated ware with no hallmarks and are also stamped Belt and Genuine Block Meerschaum. Both smooth and rusticated have P-Lip type stems though the air hole is not on top but at the end as with most non Peterson P-Lips that I have come accross. I do not know when London Meerschaum ceased trading but I can say from the one Belt that I own, it's a very fine pipe and not cheap, well over the £100 mark when new." These pipes were evidently sold at least as early as the 1950's.

These may have been made by, or are affiliated with Pomeroy & Cooke Ltd., (Pipes, Artisans and Trademarks, by José Manuel Lopes).