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From Pipes, Artisans and Trademarks, by José Manuel Lopes

Lubiniski was founded by Wojciech Lubinski in 1962. He is of Polish origin. The company is run today by his son, Mario Lubiniski (see Il Ceppo), who joined the firm in 1975.

From the Lubinski website:

We are proud to present the best selection of smoking related items: briar pipes machine made and individually hand crafted, straight grain and bird’s eye, smooth, sandblast, rustic, carved by hand, classic and fancy, with 9 mm.filter and without, in any kind of material: burl, meerschaum, corn cob, with vulcanite, acrilic and amber mouthpiece, silver and gold band or ring.

The pipe smoker’s accessories include: pipe stand, pipe cabinet in walnut or elm burl or palisander or mahagony, tobacco jar in ceramic or glass, pipe tools, tamper or knive, pipe reamer, carbon cutter, pipe cleaner, pipe care solution, tobacco pouch in the finest leather.

For most exigent cigar smoker, beside humidors made of cedar with exotic veneers, this web site features cigar pouche, cigar case, cigar rest and cigar ashtray, humidification system, digital hygromether, guilliotine cigar cutter, scissors, piercer and punch, cigar holder, jet lighter with 2-3-5 flames, but also flint lighters for cigarette smokers.

Also many man gift items are present like: cigarette case, money clip, key ring, wallet, pill box, purse ashtray, hip flask, tankard, ball point and fountain pen, watch, collectors, gambling set, chess, fragrance lamp, collectible items.

Contact Information:

Via Respighi
24 - 63900 Fermo (FM) 
Tel. 0734 227981 
Fax 0734 225552 
P.IVA 01352030447 
Cod.REA 129969 
cap. soc. € 258.250,00 i.v.