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McGimpsey Pipes are made by Matt Brannon in Tulsa Oklahoma.

From the McGimpsey Pipes Website

I have always been interested in crafting things with my hands, some may even say obsessed. I began making my own toys as a child and progressed through model building, chip carving and even fly tying. In more recent years I became very interested in varous woodcrafts. Woodturning and carving became much loved hobbies none of those evoked the passion I have for pipe making. I began concentrating almost entirely on pipe making. Since then I have been actively working to refine my craftsmanship and artistic design skills in this medium.


Every Mcgimpsey Pipe is handmade using only the finest materials available to me. I import materials from all over the world for my pipes. A single pipe can be comprised of materials from Italy, Germany, China and The United States.

The briar used for my pipes is of Italian origin. It is harvested, cut and cured before it arrives in Oklahoma where I submit it to further curing to ensure the best smoking properties possible. Each stem is hand cut from German ebonite or vintage Bakelite. Embellishment materials include pre-ban ivory, mammoth tusk, bamboo, various horns such as Alaskan musk ox, boxwood and various exotic burls.


Each pipe is stamped with the McGimpsey Pipes logo and a year stamp.

Matt Brannon made one of the seven pipes selected to be included in the Greater Kansas City Pipe Club's 2013 contest set.

Contact Information:

Matt Brannon
8086 S. Yale Ave. Ste. 101
Tulsa, OK 74136