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From Pipes, Artisans and Trademarks, by Jose Manuel Lopés'

Enrico Medaglia is the brand and name of an Italian violin maker, who also makes pipes. Since graduating from the Scuola internazionale di liutera di Cremona (The International School of Lute makers, Cremona), in 1980, Enrico has lived in Padua and produces around 50 pipes a year. These are completely handmade and have metarilate stems.

And the following from the Pipe Tart Website:

My name is Enrico Marola. I was born and live in Vercelli, Italy. I live there with my wife, Donatella, son Matteao and Kim, the wonderdog. I am a watchmaker by profession and a long time pipe smoker. My favorite tobaccos are a Virginia flake, natural or aromatic.

Smooth Dublin w/Plateaux, courtesy of the Pipe Tart Website
Smooth Horn, courtesy of the Pipe Tart Website

I began making pipes in 1998 after meeting Bruto Sordini, mater carver of Don Carlos pipes. The work was hard and I had much to learn. I also received advice and training from Vilma Armellini and Luigi Crugnola among others.

I began my carving by making classic shapes to learn how a pipe is made. After I searched for my personal style that is a fusion of classic and freehand.

I smoke many of my own pipes and believe they are a satisfying smoke. They must allow multiple smokes a day and be infatigable.

The name of my pipe is Enricoro. This is a combination of my name, Enrico, and my profession orologaiio (watchmaker). Enrico + oro = Enricoro. I am a pipe smoker and I want those who smoke my pipes to have great enjoyment and satisfaction. My pipes ask only that you fill a bowl, relax and enjoy.

Contact Information:

Enrico Medaglia

Phone: +39 0498 808619
Cell: +39 329 6916677
Website: Enrico Medaglia