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Dimitry Miscoi (miscoipipes)

Dimitry Miscoi was born in 1975 and lives in Toronto, Canada.

After graduating from University, he started working as a full-time front-end web developer and also began collecting and restoring vintage pipes as a hobby. Pipe smoker since 2003, he prefers English blends from Dunhill (especially London Mixture), Virginia and Virginia/Perique.

At the beginning of 2014, after reading the pipemakersforum for a couple of months, a pre drilled briar kit was bought and the first pipe was made using a file and sandpaper. He liked the process very much and decided to sell part of his pipe collection to buy briar blocks, ebonite and some essential tools and started experimenting with pipe engineering and finishing techniques. Gradually, a workshop was assembled and sufficient pipe making experience was gained. He made pipes in his free time and smoked them himself in order to achieve the best smoking experience. Thanks to the Internet, he studied information online and communicated with other pipe makers. After long positive experiments, he decided that he was ready to sell his pipes and several miscoipipes were sold in 2018. After positive feedback among the pipe smokers, orders began to arrive and all his free time was spent on making pipes.

The main materials for miscoipipes are Italian briar and German ebonite or Cumberland. For decoration, he uses stabilized organic materials: mammoth tusk and molar (tooth), horn, bamboo, ivory, exotic nuts and wood.

Dimitry makes around thirty pipes a year as a part-time pipe maker but he buys a lot of briar to keep it resting for at least a couple of years before using it. He has a decent stock of stable, ready to use materials in his workshop, including some thirty and forty year old Italian briar.

Since in recent years it has become more difficult to find the perfect briar for a smooth finish, Dmitry began to invest more time in experiments with blasting, focusing on deep blasting reminiscent of the old Dunhill. Miscoipipes are made with an open draw and comfortable mouthpieces for both clenchers and regular smokers.

Dimitry marks his pipes with his logo and does not use the grading system because he believes that only the best pipes are worth leaving his workshop.

Gallery (see more images on my Instagram)

Random workshop pictures (see more images on my Instagram)

Contact information

E-mail: info@miscoipipes.com

Website: miscoipipes.com

Instagram: instagram.com/miscoipipes