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It had been previously report that Jørgen Larsen made Mr. Andersen pipes. However David Field, the importer for Larsen states, "Jorgen Larsen never made Mr. Andersen pipes to my knowledge."

As it turns out, there are two Jorgen Larsens making pipes!

Søren Eric Andersen writes, "the brand MR: ANDERSEN was introduced by Remo Sørensen, a well known pipe dealer in Copenhagen. The pipes were made by several pipemakers, although I personally only knew one of them, Jørgen Larsen, formerly with Larsen & Stigart. It is unlucky that there are TWO Jørgen Larsens in this small trade, but the name is rather common in Denmark. I was not happy with [them using] that brand [name] for obvious reasons, but Andersen is quite a common name too. With my best regards, Søren Eric Andersen."

José Manuel Lopes states in Pipes, Artisans and Trademarks states that these pipes were also made by Jarl and Chieftan.

Mr. Andersen Bent Dublin “Elephant Ear,” Courtesy Dennis Dreyer