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Steve Norse, owner Vermont Freehand
Steve Norse from Vermont, educated as a furniture maker, who started making pipes. Steve is also the owner of Vermont Freehand, which stocks what is likely the largest selection of pipe making supplies of any supplier.

Among his early pieces were a lot of outstanding, not to say bizarre designs like this pickaxe variation. (The happy owner loves to call it a wizard's pipe and it smokes best when watching a LOTR movie :)

The first 50 pipes made were stamped "Norse" + "VT" + a consecutive 4 digits number. All pipes following No. 50 are unnumbered and stamped "NORSE".

As it seems, Steve's leaning forward to more classical inspired shapes more recently though he obviously loves to create a really unique design still as the asymmetric fancy or the full bent volcanos indicate.

As the only one known, Steve also tries his hands on briar jewelry - very unique pieces! He's made practically everything from bracelets to earrings to necklaces. Simply enjoy!

Contact Information:

Steven E. Norse
Dorset, Vermont 05251