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Carl Pollner & Sohn has been in business since 1878 when Carl and Elise Pollner began selling turned wood items from a home in Bünde (Westf), Germany, and continues in operation to this day, selling not only tobacco and pipes but also cigars, chocolates, spirits and other items.

Otto Pollner was trained as a pipe turner in Münster, graduating in 1900. The business grew at this point, first being registered as Carl Pollner & Sohn in 1920 and that same year moving to a larger store.

In 1958 the company was taken over by Otto Pollner II and his wife Wanda (and later second wife Christel), and the business began to concentrate more on tobacco. It was Otto Pollner II who first developed the OP Studio Pipe, and he was considered by many to be the grand master of German pipe carvers. Otto Pollner II was a member of the Confrérie des maîtres-pipiers de Saint-Claude since 1992, and a recipient of many other awards. Sadly Mr. Pollner is a broken pipe, having passed away in 2003.

In 1990, Otto-Karl Pollner, son of Otto Pollner II, took over the business with his wife Lil, and Lil's nephew Julian Gronau makes five generations of family involved in the business. They continue to value the pipe, which is included in the logo of the store, and are a Dunhill Pipe Dealer Principal as well as continuing to sell the OP - Studio pipes.[1]

Otto Pollner (1925 - 2004), the third generation of our company, was the last master pipe turner in Germany. He published countless articles in specialist journals and also wrote several books about the pipe.[2]

Books by Otto Pollner

  • Pfeiferauchen leicht gemacht - Die richtige Art, Tabak zu genießen[3]
  • Die Pfeifenmacher zwischen Rennsteig und Rhön - Geschichte und Arbeitsweise in drei Jahrhunderten, 1997[4]
  • Tabakpfeifen aus zwei Jahrhunderten - Über die Pfeifendrechsler in Westfalen und Lippe[5]

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