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Owl Pipes is based out of Springfield, Ma by Steve LaVoice Jr, who is a huge family man and has a love for creating unique hand carved briar wood tobacco pipes. Steve, along with his wife, Ruth LaVoice, works hard to make fantastic pipes as well as beautiful packaging that is perfect for gifts and safe storing. Steve's passion started out in New Jersey in a smoke shop where he fell in love with tobacco pipes, and decided to learn how to make a pipe of his own. Now, about a year later, he has made pipes for people all over New England as well as in Europe. Each one of Steve's pipes are one of a kind and hand crafted. He uses his imagination to come up with the amazing designs and not one pipe is copied from another. Steve's down to earth business style and beautiful pipes at a fantastic price should have you checking out his website and spreading the word!

Have You Smoked Your Owl Today?