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From Pipes, Artisans and Trademarks, by José Manuel Lopes'

Paronelli is the Italian brand by Alberto Paronelli. In the early days, Alberto designed and delivered the production to an artisan, most often Tom Spanu. The majority of pipes sold by Paronelli in those early years were the Clairmont brand, with the usual stamp: Paranelli/Italy/Sarinian Brair. Symbol: Golden P + green spot, or occasionally an anchor.

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From the Company website: The brand Paronelli collects inside a family passion that was born in 1945 when Jean-Marie Alberto Paronelli decided to give free rein to his artistic side. The continuous search for quality and perfection brought Alberto Paronelli to create unique pieces prized and sought after worldwide. The ideas and the canons of the founder have been handed down from generation to generation and even now all the pipes are handmade with Italian first choice briar. His grandson, Ariberto Paronelli, which has succeeded over the years at the helm, continues with passion and dedication to the work started by the founder of designing and creating classics models with a modern twist. Annual production is around 600 pieces. Ariberto also works on commission. If you have in mind a pipe of your dreams he will be happy to achieve it. For Paronelli family the pipe is a matter of the heart.

The three generations of Paronelli pipes, from the

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