Peter Rohrbach

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Peter Rohrbach

Peter Rohrbach ("Pit").

1953 – Düsseldorf – goldsmith and pipe maker.

Sure, there are more important things in life: my wife, sailing and old cars.

It's still, however, always fascinating to combine precious wood with my profession.

Unfortunately, the briar blanks I choose myself in Tuscany only suffice to produce one or two pipes a month.

Given this excellent wood grain, it makes sense to apply gold or silver here.

It's best I smoke the pipes with spots myself.

I therefore grade using silver and gold. For pipes with an outstanding grain I envisage a diamond trim – or maybe platinum?. The possibilities are infinite …

I hope that you too will succumb with fascination to the combination of artistic goldsmith craftsmanship and Nature.


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Website: Blue Lobster Pipes