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Scottie Piersel (left) with Kevin Godbee, PipesMagazine.com Publisher, courtesy PipesMagazine.com

Piersel is the maker of Piersel pipes. She participates actively at Pipemakersforum.org, and has also worked with noted Kansas City pipe restoration specialist, George Dibos (Precision Pipe Repair). Scottie states that, "Quality, classic shapes are where my focus lies. I try to stay true to tradition while giving each pipe a little bit of my personality. Clean lines, perfect proportions and flawless drilling are what I strive for and what you can expect from every pipe that leaves my shop. Although I believe form must follow function I endeavor to offer a perfect fit and finish and to make each piece stunningly beautiful."

From Scottie's website, Ladybriar.com: "My pipe making journey began when my husband decided to take up pipe smoking. I ordered a pipe kit from Mark Tinsky to carve a pipe for Father's Day. Little did I know how quickly I would become hooked. As soon as I finished that first pipe I had to make another. Over the next few months I purchased as many tools and supplies as possible and off I went. With the guidance and support of the fellows at the Pipes Maker's Forum I quickly found what needed to be refined with each pipe I made."

Peirsel pipes are handcrafted from Mediteranian Plateaux Briar and hand cut stems from either German Ebonite or Brindle.

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An excellent selection of Piersel pipes is available at Pipedia Underwriter, Pipes2Smoke.com

Contact Information:

Website: http://www.ladybriar.com
Telephone: 816-529-3310
Email: info@ladybriar.com
5701 N Beaman Ave    
Kansas City, MO 64151