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PipesMD Pipes are made by Charles "Charlie" Sharp of Rio Rancho, New Mexico. From his Google profile:

Now that you are here let me explain what I do. Or what I can do for you. After many years in the Tool & Die Maki-ing trade, an opportunity presented itself that allowed me to mix my Love for making Pipes and wood items with the skills I had accumulated over the years in the Machineing Trade. In 1971 an existing retail Tobacco Shop in the Eastern United States came up for sale-it seemed like the Stars had lined up. I had to give it a try. This gave me a outlet to show and sell my pipes. Operations at the shop continued until 1980 when I closed the store. I continued to make my pipes and pens but I moved to New Mexico. Now both the Pipes and Pens are made here in New Mexico. Presently The Pipes and the Pens are sold in stores in NM. The Pipes are also featured on the Internet at the site rarememories.com. These Pipes are custom made of the Finest Corsician and Algerian Briar and materials available. Yet they are AFFORDABLE for everbody. They are some of the Best Hand Made Smokers on the maket today. The Pens are available in both Exotic Woods and acrylics and in many different styles. I will be posting pictures of both as they are finished. Thanks so much for checking me out. You can e-mail me at chazpipesmd@yahoo.com.