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Porsche Design is a German brand created by the Austrian Ferdinand Alexander Porsche in the 1980s, with a modern design and is inpired by the car designed by Siegried Ebner Porsche. Porsche sold a limited edition of pipes produced by Henrich Oldenkott, with ebonite stems, which are much sought after today by collectors. Production started up one more in 2002 with four acrylic stem models, produced by the Royal Dutch factory. Stamp: Porsche Design in white.[1]

You should remember there are different varieties of the Porsche pipe: the first version, produced by Oldenkott in two shapes: a straight and a half-bent. Both shapes were available in different colour combinations. When Oldenkott and Porsche Design fell out production ceased for a good few years until Porsche Design signed a new agreement with Gubbels, the makers of Big Ben. This latter version is easily recognised by the screwed-down ring on top of the bowl. On a first version, the metal (black or aluminum, but not chrome) is seamlessly integrated in the pipe. These first versions were excellent smokers (I still have an all-black half-bent), I've never smoked one of the later editions. I'm not sure who makes them now (if anyone), but since Gubbels declared insolvency a few years back I don't see them on their website anymore.[2]

I always thought they were a novelty till until I was told by a top collector who is an international lawyer who worked with Butzi Porsche the grandson of the the founder and designer of the 911. It was reported to me that Mr. Porsche was an all day pipe smoker and that he designed the pipe himself.[3]