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Vitaliano Posella is a pipemaker in San Vito sullo Ionio (Provincia di Catanzaro, Regione Calabria). He found to the handicraft art of pipemaking after having acquired a lot of experience in the briar industry. His pipes are exclusively produced with Calabrian briar.

by Piero Eduardo

Posella Grading system: http://www.theitalianpipe.com/infowell/guides/posella.htm

An excellent selection of Posella pipes is available at Pipedia Underwriter, lepipe.it

Contact Information:

Salvatore Posella
88067 San Vito sullo Ionio (CZ)
Via Umberto I, 183

Tel.: +39 967 96019
Pipes available @ Le Pipe s.n.c., Nocera Superiore (SA)