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Pete Prevost
Volcano w/Mastodon Ivory, courtesy
Prevost Pipes Logo
Long Shanked Sitter, courtesy

Pete Prevost lives in Nashville, Tennessee. He learned how to make pipes under Jody Davis (J. Davis) and Todd Johnson, and honed his skills in a very short time. He had been making pipes when he was not traveling with his band until 2012 when his career took a decidedly pipe-centric focus. That's when Todd Johnson asked him to help start BriarWorks. Pete has been involved in every phase of development at BriarWorks, including design, production, and the daily responsibilities of running a business. In 2016, Pete was promoted to President of BriarWorks and now manages all of the day to day operations.

When Pete isn’t working hard at BriarWorks he spends most of his time being a father and husband to his lovely family Melissa, Bennet, and Lawson. Somehow, he still finds time to make world-class handmade pipes and some excellent salsa verde..

From the Prevost Pipes Website: I bought my first pipe when I was eighteen years old. A three dollar corncob from a drugstore in my hometown of Bakersfield, CA. I’ve always had a love for things that were made by hand, so it was only natural that my enjoyment of pipe smoking would collide with pipe making.

I bought a pipe kit and spent the next two days hacking away at my first block of briar. The end result was the first Prevost pipe; a smooth billiard nose warmer that I scratched “P1″ into the bottom with a pocket knife. I was hooked.

Since moving to Nashville, I have been blessed with a beautiful family, a great job in music, and an incredible opportunity to learn from some of the greatest pipe makers in the world.

All of my pipes are made from the finest raw materials and no two pieces are identical. Please take a look at my available pipes or contact me to commission a special pipe of your own.

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