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R. Ubben Pipes

Period correct pipes for the Living Historian - Randolph J. Ubben about himself and R. Ubben Pipes:

"I started carving pipes as a hobby, and became enchanted not only with the craftsmanship of creating a good smoking pipe, but also the creativity involved in carving.

Having been a reenactor/living historian since 1974, I have been researching pipes and tobacciana of the period for my own edification, and to contribute, however humble, to our greater understanding of the material culture of the era we are captivated with.

The pipes I create are based upon the styles available during the 1860's as evidenced through photographic archives, reference works and personal visits to museums and private collections. Using Grecian plateau briar, vulcanite, various woods, and horn/bone, my pipes recreate the look of period pipes, and are crafted to provide a comfortable feel and a cool, dry smoke. All are hand finished individually using the same type tools available to a pipe-maker of the period, and depending upon the complexity of the design and carving, take from a few days to a few weeks to create.

Pipe bits are hand carved from rod stock, or turned down from wood or horn, as modern bits do not have the correct style air-hole for the period. To compliment period impressions of German immigrants, etc., my future offerings will include more mid-European styles."

Randolph J. Ubben
53 Dean Rd
New Milford, Connecticut 06776

Phone: 860 - 350 - 2306
E-mail: woodreb@earthlink.net
Website: R. Ubben Pipes