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Group of RCCellarWorks tampers
Rob in his cellar shop
Robert Carmell

RC Cellar Works Hand crafted custom tobacco pipe tampers are made in Des Moines, Iowa by Robert Carmell. Rob started life in Sothern California, and is now living in Des Moines. He enjoys the slower pace of the Midwest, where in addition to finding time to enjoy his family, and his pipes, he has also been developing the skills to make unique and beautifully designed hand crafted tampers.

Rob writes the following:
In 2019 I relocated my family to the Midwest in Des Moines, Iowa and left Southern California for good. Our quality of life changed in every sense for the better, and with the stress load eliminated I was finally allowed to pursue my creative side without hindrance.

My tamper quest started one evening while smoking one of my beloved Castello pipes. My thoughts were why couldn’t a person enjoy using a beautiful tamper much like the pipe they were smoking. So I started formulating my plans, what materials to use, and designing an all in one shape that could be used not only as a tamper, but having the other end a useful shape to clean the bowl of a pipe.

After many prototypes and lessons learned from failing, the tampers began to take the shapes as seen now, and then the fun began. Creating one-off tampers is my goal. No two will ever be the same--they will be completely unique from one to the next.

I am a perfectionist by nature, some would say to a fault, but it drives me to produce the highest quality pieces I can and hopefully bring someone a glimmer of joy, much like they get from their favorite pipe.

"I have often admired artisan tampers in the collections of friends and those exhibited at pipe shows, but had not actually used one. That changed when I received two wonderful examples made by my friend, Rob. They're not only beautiful, they're a joy to use, working very much better than my old Czech tools, or the tampers I have made myself. They are now a treasured part of my collection, and have truly enhanced my pipe smoking experience." SEThile

Contact Information

Robert Carmell
E-mail: robertcarmell@icloud.com
Etsy: https://www.etsy.com/shop/RCCellarWorks