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RX Pipes are made by Radek Jůza

RX Pipes Logo
Sandblasted Cutty and Tamper
Smooth Liverpool

Radek has been working on pipe production and more active pipe work since 2011, but his pipe history starts from his younger years when he was influenced by his dad who smoked his Old River and a few other pipes, and it smelled so good to him. As a child, he cleaned the pipes nicely, scraping the bowls and cleaning the mouthpieces. He eventually inherited these pipes, and a few of them are in his regular rotation.

His pipe smoking was sporadic at first, once a month, and sometimes he did not enjoy it at all. He later become more interested in cigars. Then, when he reached his forties, he found his way back to the pipe and became a member of the pipe community at http://www.dymka.net where he met a number of wonderful people. It was through this community that he became interested in pipe making. On 26-2-2011, at the workshop organized for members of dymka.net he made my first pipe. With enormous help from pipemaker Honza Klouček.

Today, Radek has produced more than 500 pipes. His logo is RX pipes. In addition to his logo, he stamps the serial number and the month and year of manufacture. In addition to producing pipes, Radek is also a passionate pipe collector and restorer. His favorites are sandblasts, especially Dunhill´s patents.

Contact Information:

Website: http://rxpipes.blogspot.cz/