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Raimo Riberg Pipes, courtesy of CIGARWORLD.de

Raimo Riberg lives and works in Estonia, and has not been a pipe maker in his main profession for long. Until a few years ago, he lived in Sardinia , where he ran a media company and came into contact with briar wood for the first time.

It was only later, however, that he became interested in pipes, when his mother sent him a rudimentary pipe made by his late grandfather. This pipe triggered creative processes in him that led to the decision to build pipes in his home country in the future.

Raimo Riberg's style is strongly influenced by the rough nature of the Baltic States and the aesthetics of hunting weapons. The processing and fabrication tones that can be seen on wooden parts of hunting rifles can also be found on his pipes.

Thus his style is quite unique , and not comparable to any other pipe maker.

He is quite adept at using social media and has become a minor celebrity in Estonia. Even the television has reported about him. Courtesy of CIGARWORLD.de]

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