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The story actually starts with a designer named Reiner Klein from Bremen who dived into pipemaking in 1983, after he had started to smoke pipes four years ago. With increasing knowledge about pipes he had got more and more fascinated by the art of pipe crafting.

After some intensive preparations - i.g. he took lessons from Karl Heinz Joura - and having invested the considerable amount of 25,000 German Mark, he started off.

The pipes from the very beginning were mostly stained in orange color; they were finished with wood oil and finally waxed. Many models featured a shank shaped like the keel of a ship continuing both on the underside of the bowl and on the stem. For stem working Klein preferred marbled Cumberland or Ebonite. No pipes for use with filters. Many stems showed lateral notches or rills at the tenon end.

Klein stamped the pipes from the era 1983 - 1989 on the shank with "reiner" and "Handmade" in script. Grading was A to C descending-- smooth pipes only! The prices ranged (today's currency) from ca. Euro 100 to 250.

In 1988 Reiner Klein sold his brand "reiner" to Rüdiger Lutz Will (shortly R.L. Will) in Bünde.

To be continued!

R.L. Will
Lettow-Vorbeck-Str. 19
32257 Bünde

Phone: +49 (0)5223 14311
Website: Reiner PIPE ART DESIGN