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From Pipes, Artisans and Trademarks, by José Manuel Lopes'

Richard Hacker is an author and pipe collector. He was invited to design some pipes which were produced by a number of firms and signed by him. Dunhill and the North American distribution company, J.B. Russell were two of those involved.

From the Richard Carleton Hacker Website:

He is the author of both U.S. and British editions of The Ultimate Pipe Book, referred to worldwide as “the pipe smoker’s bible.” His American edition of this best-selling book is listed in The Encyclopedia Americana as a respected reference work. And both British and American editions (now out of print) have gone into second editions. He has also written a German edition, currently in its third printing, entitled Die Kunst Pfeife zu rauchen. His limited edition book, The Christmas Pipe (only 2,500 copies), published in 1986 and long out of print, has become a much sought-after collectable, with prices for a single copy now exceeding $300. The author also produced and hosted “The Ultimate Pipe Video,” a best-selling VHS home video and the first such video on the pleasures of pipesmoking.



  • A 21st Century Guide
  • Rare Smoke
  • The Ultimate Guide
  • To Pipe Collecting

That 20th century icon of civilized sophistication, the pipe, is making a comeback. With the complete sellout of the second edition of his highly acclaimed The Ultimate Pipe Book, Richard Carleton Hacker has written Pipesmoking—A 21st Century Guide. The 160 page paperback includes over 90 never-before-published photographs, in both black & white and color.

“It’s not surprising that as we have now entered the 21st century, we should stop and take a look backwards to see what we may want to keep with us,” says Hacker of the pipe’s rediscovered popularity. “The pipe symbolizes all that is stable and desirable in mankind. It has nothing to do with smoking; it is all about symbology and enjoying life.”

This popularly-priced softcover is designed to appeal to both new and experienced pipesmokers alike. Chapters cover all facets of pipemaking, pipe buying, pipe smoking, and pipe tobaccos. In addition, due to many requests, the author has included a chapter entitled, “Tobacco Taster’s Menu of Blends,” that covers the history, recipes and flavors of over 100 different commercially available pipe tobaccos. Pipesmoking—A 21st Century Guide also contains a Pipesmoker’s Sourcebook listing numerous pipe-friendly publications and organizations.

Richard Carleton Hacker Signature Edition Pipes

The following courtesy Smokeshop Online and James B. Russell Inc.

Second Edition Richard Carleton Hacker Pipe Debuts

Following the quick sell-out of his first Richard Carleton Hacker Signature Edition pipe last year, the internationally-known pipe book author has designed a second pipe in the series. Only 150 pipes have been made for this extremely limited edition.

In creating the second Richard Carleton Hacker Signature Edition pipe, the author took inspiration from a 1930s British "own label" estate pipe in his collection.

"Like my original pre-war briar," said Hacker, "the new RCH Signature Edition is a quarter-bent, diamond shanked bulldog, a very difficult shape to make. But what really sets this pipe apart is its military mount with vulcanite fittings; it's a very graceful shape that no one's made for years."

The original pipe is stamped 'St. James,' after the fabled London district once home to gentlemen's smoking clubs and numerous pipe shops. The pipe was a private label once made by Comoy's, the oldest briar pipemaking company in the world. According to Comoy's official historian, John Adler, the pipe was probably made by the company's factory on Rosebury Avenue. "So naturally, it was only fitting to have this [new] pipe made by that same company," said Hacker.

The best 150 bowls in the factory were hand selected for this pipe, which is stamped with the author's name on one side of the diamond shank, and "Signature Edition 2002" on the other. In addition, the RCH pipe-signature logo the author uses to sign his books has been individually hand engraved and gold-filled on the ferrule of each pipe. A gently curved "button" on the tip of the handcut vulcanite mouthpiece helps keep smoke away from the tongue. The Richard Carleton Hacker Signature Edition comes with a handsome presentation box bearing his signature; inside is a specially-marked glove to protect the briar.

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