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Robert Bartholomew, or 'RobE', as he prefers, has been making pipes part-time out of Kalamazoo, Michigan since 2003. He draws inspiration from classic and danish influences, and enjoys putting his background of art education into every pipe he makes.

RobE, courtesy
Smooth (Olive wood?) Bent

He began making pipes from a DIY kit, and later moved to modular pipes such as calabashes. At that point he found Pipe Makers Forum, and utilized the critiques he got there to move away from modular pipes to traditional pipes. It wasn't until 2014 that he began to make pipes to sell. Today, he is pursuing refinement and better methods to make a pipe that smokes flawlessly with the end goal of making his customers happy through both form and function in his work.

He does not have a formal website, but his pipes can be found at

Contact Information:

Facebook: RobE's Art