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I have closed the "Rocheleau Pipes" business, and left pipe making behind me.

I have enjoyed my time as a pipe maker, and I have learned a lot from it. I will always treasure the great folks I have had the pleasure of dealing with in the business. My site will be up until sometime in 2007, then it will vanish from the internet. I hope in the interim that it serves some purpose, if only to inspire the efforts of new makers wanting to develop their craft and market their work. If I can be of any help in that regard, you are welcome to get in touch.

John Rocheleau

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John is a Painter who was a Pipe Maker; a combination he found synergy and balance in. He paints landscapes in oil and acrylic, and until some problems with his hands and wrists, sculpted in various materials including stone, metal, and wood.

John considered his pipe making as a blend of sculpture and painting. He drew on his sense of design to create pipes that were beautiful, functional, and felt great in the hand. His painting background gave him a sense of color and contrast that allowed him to finish his pipes in ways that brought out the natural beauty inherent in the briar.

"Each pipe is a work of art to me. I fall in love with each one as it is being created. The shape, the balance, the perceived smoking qualities, the strength of the briar; all these aspects merge into the creation of every pipe. Once the shaping and final sanding is done, I have the pleasure of playing with the color in the staining process. I use several staining processes with each pipe so that the end result is a color that radiates from within. As they are smoked, the color changes gradually in a way that enhances the appearance over time, bringing out these color variations naturally."

Painting is John's primary profession, but since having to give up Pipe Making due to physical issues, he is refocussing on his art, and getting back to writing; something John had enjoyed previously.

" I think pipe smokers have an advantage over the average person. They have a means to slow down, to contemplate, and to reduce stress. To smoke a pipe well, one has to be fully present and relaxed. These are qualities that we require to live well"

Website: Rocheleau Briar Pipes