Samhara Pipe Co.

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Here we have an interesting system pipe. The Samhara Pipe Co. appears in U.S. patent records circa late 1940s.

Karl Harris, writes:

"The inventor was Samuel Harris from Dayton, Ohio. He was President of the Globe Clothing Company, Money Back Harris and Harris Clothing. He was born in Detroit Michigan, raised in Oakland, California which is across the Bay from San Francisco. The Family story was he slept through the legendary San Francisco earthquake of 1906. He graduated from the Hebrew Union College in Cincinnati, Ohio. He served as a Rabbi in Toledo Ohio for 4 years before settling in Dayton. He is my grandfather and last night I discovered four of his original unused Samhara Pipes in their boxes along with his notes and drawings."

Note: Fantastic to have this information and history directly from Samuel's grandson. Hopefully we will have more photos and additional notes to add soon.