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Colin Rigsby of Shurewood Pipes

ShureWood pipes are Made by Colin Rigsby.

The following is from Colin's website:
Born in 1971, I was raised in an atmosphere of things artistic. It was ingrained in me at an early age that sometimes the best things in life come from taking the path least traveled (and in turn usually provides the most resistance). Pipes and cigars were staple items for Dad, and these provided the foundation of things to come.

Over the next years I went to college, played in 2 bands for several years each, played a ridiculous amount of gigs, recorded an album, dabbled in painting and the culinary arts and then ended up in the printing business. Over the hills and trough the woods.... Then I married a wonderful woman and now have a fantastic boy. Ok, so what does this have to do with pipes you ask? Everything. The road of hard knocks is what lead me back to the wonderful world of pipes and thus made it all complete. An artist draws from their life’s work - I have quite a bit to draw from. I feel pipes are meant to be smoking instruments, first and foremost. They then become the smoker’s friend, if they pass the test of time. The pipes that are simple are just as exciting as the ones that are elaborate. This is the point at which they become a work of art. The smoker begins to understand better the workings of the pipe and the subtleties of the design and execution. Yes - the flaws nature made are part of this art. It is makes each piece unique and special to the person who owns them and cherishes them. NO pipe is perfect and no man is either, so this relationship is indeed as perfect as it can get.

I am not only a student of pipe making, but am a active collector of classic pipes, pipe related tobacciana and I absorb myself in pipe history. I feel that studying and enjoying other craftsmen’s work only improves and broadens my experience and knowledge. I also strive to try every pipe tobacco I can get my hands on. I started and am president of “The Briar Club”, a pipe smokers club at a local DFW, Texas tobacconist shop. One of these days I would love to open my own brick and mortar pipe/tobacconist shop, where pipe artisans can have a great place to show their wares and providing the pipe world with another real place where history can savored while promoting the future of the great pastime of pipe smoking. Only time (and government intervention) will dictate if I am able to achieve this or not... Until then I will do my best to provide quality pipes and service for a reasonable price.

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Contact Information:

Colin Rigsby
Arlington, TX

Tel.: 817 239 8780