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1. Quoted from Mr. Mordechai Ezrati, proprietor of James Upshall:

"G.W. Sims was my favourite pipe maker in the 60’s. He had a little workshop just over the bridge towards Islington, London and every so often I used to make the 50 mile trip to visit him and purchase some of his fabulous pipes, which turned into a collection of nearly 300."

G.W. Sims was one of the few English pipe makers who produced Danish style freehands carved from specially selected plateaux briar. Mr. Sims willingly made pipes to personal specifications.

The nomenclature (normally on the base of the shank) reads: "G W SIMS" (in script). In addition, some were stamped "LONDON MADE".

2. Elder information:

"G.W. Sims closed in the late 70's. It was a tobacconist on High Holborn, London. From my research one of thier pipe makers was ex Charatan. Hence some of thier styles and finishes were similar."

3. I knew George Sims in the late 70's and early 80's. He moved to a shop in Junction Road N8, and sold me many interesting pipes, including several 'coffee pipes' as he called them. Miniature apple style pipes, each big enough for a smoke over a cup of coffee. He happily showed me his machinery in the back of the shop, although his sister who was often present kept trying to get him to stop gossiping and go back to work! Lovely man and a great craftsman.