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snahti pipes on eBay

Hans Wormit started out offering refurbished estate pipes on eBay in 1999 as "derpfeifendoktor". His hobby soon turned into a passion and he started making his own pipes. As so many others he made a humble beginning using pre-drilled stummels with pre-moulded stems. Around 2003/2004 he offered first pieces on eBay. Improving his skills step by step Hans Wormit's "hansmade" snahti pipes found increasing popularity among pipe smokers who are in search of well-made but affordable freehands.

The first snahtis showed a brass dot as logo. In 2006 he introduced a grading displayed by three dots of copper, brass and silver in ascending order. His best pieces - very few so far - show five silver dots forming a "W".

Hans Wormit
Alter Schulweg 5a
32791 Lage/W.
snahti pipes on eBay