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Snook was an amateur pipe maker living in the Eastern part of Washington State. These pipes were circa 1950s or 1960s, and were gifted to a friend of Snook's living in Murray, KY. They have been enjoyed on and off ever since.

A trio of Snook pipes, courtesy Dan Rowland collection

The pipes are interesting in that Snook apparently had good woodworking and machining skills, and had the idea to make Calabash style pipes all in wood. These appear to be Walnut and Cherry, with Ebony and brass accents. The bowl insert of the bent poker may be briar, but it's difficult to tell. Both sitters appear to have modified molded vulcanite stems. The Rhodesian stem appears to be made out of Ebony and has two ring gaskets on the tenon. The Rhodesian also has a rolled up pipe cleaner in the shank chamber, which appears to serve as a filter. All of them have very nicely fitted cork gaskets for the inset bowl.

These pipes could be considered an early version of the current trend of "reverse calabash" pipes.

The pipes are without nomenclature.