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We need additional information. We had previously speculated these were made by Søren Refbjerg Rasmussen of Søborg. Bob Taylor reported a brief correspondence with Søren regarding a Soborg pipe Bob purchased in April of 2007. Søren indicated Soborg pipes were made about 30 years ago, and were not made by him personally (but presumably by others working for him). It's a bit hard to decipher, but it appears pipes with a short shank were saved, and then finished up every 6 months and sold as Soborgs. They were mostly sold to England, and the U.S. markets. Most of them had a rough (Plateaux) top. If you have any information about Soborg pipes, or who made them, please add it here or send it to and we can add it for you.

The example Bob purchased has the short shank, but with a smooth top.

Soborg pipe, courtesy Bob Taylor