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Sparky's Pipes are made by Scott "Sparky" Harris. Scott started smoking pipes in 1989 while serving in the military in South Korea. Like a lot of pipe makers, he started making pipes because he couldn’t afford high quality pipes. Now, he makes pipes that are intricately hand-carved works of art. Courtesy

About SparkysPipes, from the SparkysPipes website:

Scott Harris, of Sparky's Pipes, courtesy
Intricately Carved Example, from the Sparkyspipes website

I enjoy making hand-carved tobacco pipes for the everyday working man up to the pipe collector.

I tend to carve my pipes with mostly hand tools, carving knives, chisels, rasps and files. I use a professional engraving machine for some of my micro-texturing and a power carver for removing large areas of wood.

My goal is to make as many memories threw the kind people that smoke my pipes.

I make every tobacco pipe for the pipe smoking individual and their needs. We all know that smoking pipes is not only a hobby but a way of life, for the individual that enjoys every moment in life.

Pipes and tobacco are the start, when you add in wood carving to the mix you have a chance to show your personality. Carving wood and smoke pipes are my passion. I hope to bring this to every person that loves pipes and cigars so I may be a part of the memories that is made every time you light up. If you are looking to buy pipes please give my Pipes for sale or my gallery a look.

We all know that people remember us by what we smoke and the pipe we hold, so how do you want to be remembered.

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