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Pipe Brands / Makers

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|'''Hava Tampa'''||brand likely produced by [[Special:MyLanguage/Luigi Pipes|Luigi Pipes]]
|'''[[Special:MyLanguage/Herrería|Herrería]]'''|| Pipas Herrería: Ezequiel Herrería was born in Rauch, Province of Buenos Aires, Argentina. He smoked his first pipe around 2005 with the pipe that belonged to the grandfather of a friend, which was given to him as a present. In 2007, he started to watch videos on the net about how pipes were Hand-made, since he was excited to make a pipe for himself. Finally, pipas by artisan Ezequiel went to a carpenter and asked for a piece of wood, and for the next two years he tried to learn from everyone, mainly from Lorenz, an Austrian craftsman whom he admired his skill in handling wood tools. By june 2008, he ordered his first batch of briar from Spain, and in 2009 he sold his first pipes using Spanish briar with hand-cut stems made of acrylic. After a few years, Herrería Pipes began taking more and more of his time, and once demand began growing from Europe, US and other parts of the world, he decided in 2016 to work full time in pipe making. Ezequiel makes about 120 pipes a year. Website: www.pipasherrerí 
|'''[[Special:MyLanguage/Luigi Pipes|Luigi Pipes]]'''||Luis Arbotto; Luigi is also an Italian brand by Luigi "[[Special:MyLanguage/Gigi|Gigi]]" Crugnola

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