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Based on an article courtesy of '''Caminetto Courtesy of ['''] [[Image:Caminetto.jpg|left|thumb]][[Image:Caminetto Pipe01.jpg|right|thumb]]1968: Caminetto's history really started with in 1959 when '''Guiseppe Ascorti''' ("Peppino Ascorti" for his friends) from Cucciago was hired by '''Carlo Scotti''' and his brand '''[[Castello]]'''in nearby Cantu. Since it' who after several years s foundation in 1947 Castello had substantially contributed to re-gained fame of Italian pipemaking. Talent and assiduity soon made Ascorti one of experience Scotti's most important pipemakers. A man he counted on for the future. But Ascorti had his own farreaching plan: he wanted to work as a self-employed pipemaker! After he had married in the early 60s this plan became more concret. His wife Paola had taken over her parent's small greengrocery and the additional income from the shop enabled him to buy toolery and machines little by little to furnish his own workshop. By the end of 1968 he was ready to go and he left Castello without a famous pipe factory in prolonged farewell. Furthermore Ascorti had wooed away young and highly talented pipemaker '''CantùLuigi Radice''', decided who was his next door neighbor in Cucciago, to started his own wayjoin him. Carlo Scotti, alonewhom everyone otherwise knows as a perfect gentleman, is reported to prove all his abilitieshave found some very drastic expressions for what he thought about that...[[Image:Caminetto Pipe01.jpg|right|thumb]] 
The name "'''Caminetto, la pipa del Baffo'''" was decided during a night with friends, in front of a fireplace and a glass of good wine. Peppino is working alone, his sons are still too young and he asks help from his friends to arrange the workshop and some useful machinery.
So he calls his friend '''Radice''', who willingly decides to help him; they soon decide to work together; Peppino's wife, Paola, has a small greengrocery and she supports the newborn society with the few profits she has[[Image:Gianni_1. Peppino and Luigi become a unique family and they start the creation of the famous "Italian handicraft jewel"jpg|left|thumb]][[Image:Gianni_2.jpg|right|thumb]]
The manufacture was of very high quality and after a few months Gianni Davoli, an important Milanese businessman, offers to be the sole distributor. The two partners accept and Davoli, as a good businessman takes the small production of Caminetto to a top level, not only in Italy, but also in Germany and the United States. Orders increase, market consents are more and more exciting, and Davoli goes from distributor to become the third partner of "Caminetto". During the 70/80's the name of Caminetto is placed at the top of the sales of high grade handmade pipes.
[[Image:Caminetto Pipe02.jpg|left|thumb]]
Selected and seasoned briar, fantasy and passion from Roberto and his faithful artisans, help to keep the Caminetto name and the name of its founder, Peppino, alive today.
No contact info available yet Caminetto c/o Ascorti Fap (S.N.C.) - Roberto Ascorti - Via Alessandro Volta 14/B 22060 Cucciago Italy Tel.: (+39) 031 787176

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