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Seiji Hachiro is the son of Reiji Hachiro, owner of the well-renowned Japanese online pipe shop Pipe-Do.

Growing up with pipes he made his first pieces at the age of 14 and still aged 15 he showed them on his father's layout at the 2005 Chicago Show. His pipes didn't gain a fair attention by the visitors only-- even more, his great talent was recognised by famous pipemakers like Edward Andrew Jurkiewicz (E. Andrew Briars) or Teddy Knudsen who became his mentors. Seiji spent some time afterwards at Ed's home. He went to the USA furthermore in his summer's highschool vacations learning how to make pipes from Tonni Nielsen, Lee von Erck and Ed.

Meanwhile Seiji works from his own workshop in Nishinomiya City, Hyogo in Japan.

Seiji Hachiro