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Daniel Jud, born in 1958, became a pipe smoker aged 16. HIs preferred pipes back then came from Lorenzo. Later, as a medicine student in Basel, he became acquainted with the pipes of Joura, Knudsen, Poul Hansen (among others) and learned to appreciate them. After the education as a physician he opened a practice as a psychiatrist and psychotherapist in Erlen, Canton of Thurgau (Argovia), fifteen kilometers from the Lake of Constance.

Due to his faible for metal and as a balancing element to his wearing down occupation he set up an outstanding equipped precision workshop, in which he worked regularly for one or two hours a day. The avid pipe smoker bred out the idea to carve a pipe himself. Telling his tobacconist about that, he was adviced to contact Hans "Former" Nielsen, who produced the Bentley pipes at that time in Kleinlützel in the Swiss Jura. Nielsen kindly gave him many useful tips about pipemaking and in addition he also received the first blocks of briar.

In 1990 Daniel Jud began as a hobbyist but very systematically with the manufacture of pipes. Later he paid several visits to Jaques Craen, the owner of Genod in Saint-Claude. Jaques Craen mediated some further dexterities and Jud lateron obtained most of his briar from there. Yet all in all as a pipemaker of passion he’s an autodidact.

Not earlier than in 2000, Jud considered his pipes to be good enough to test-market them. In deed they found approving reception by some collectors and helped making contacts to (among others) Cornelius Mänz and the well known collector Jörg Lehmann, who supported him with valuable references and provided access to various materials such as horn, exotic woods and means for the surface treatment.

Daniel Jud’s workshop disposes of an equipment which might even arouse the envy of some professional fulltime carvers. He presently produces about 60 – 70 pipes per year, the wood coming predominantly from Morocco, Algeria and Spain. In accordance with his outspoken predeliction for flake tobaccos very many of his pipes have a rather larger volume. Pipes with 9mm filter drillings are made on request.

Offered are smooth, sanded and rusticated pipes. By rustication combined with subsequent sanding he sometimes turnes out very attractive surface patterns. In the course of the time Daniel Jud developed some typical and more often repeated shapes. The mouthpieces are mainly made from ebonite rods but every once in a while he experiments with very nice multicolored Cumberland material. Very significant for his work are metal applications such as titanium, stainless steel and brass rings.

Beautiful pipes, solidly and functionally made. Daniel Jud is surely a maker to be watched.

Daniel Jud
Heerenwies 14
CH - 8586 Erlen / TG
Telephone: 071 648 20 21