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Segimon Baulenas began to work in the Salvatella pipe factory in the Girona area, where his father worked as well, in 1973. In 2001 he started out on his own account.

Pipas Sigmund are entirely carried out by hand with Spanish briar of top-quality. After purchase from the saw mill he personally cares about a natural drying process of the "brezo" (briar) lasting over two years. Beside the love of briar wood he says it's patience, imagination and dexterity which turn out a Pipa Sigmund.

Beside pipemaking Baulenas offers pre-drilled pipe kits and other things made of briar e.g. very nice clocks. He also repaires pipes.

Pipas Sigmund SCP
Segimon Baulenas
Sant Sebastià, 15
17720 Maçanet de Cabrenys (Girona)
Email: pipas@baulenas.com
Homepage: Pipas Sigmund