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Not much is known about Israel's sole pipe factory though it's reported to have operated quite successfully on international markets.

Shalom Flyer, courtesy Doug Valitchka

Beside the brand "Shalom" the mainstay brand was Alpha - especially well known in the USA. Alpha was popular for a range of fresh and unusual shapes. Series (afaik): Caprice (s), Citation (s), Classic (b), Pedestal (s), Regent, Region (b), Rex (s). (1)

(1) (b) = blasted, (s) = smooth

Alpha also produced at least one of its Citation forms for Carey's "Magic Inch" series.

Mentioned in context with Shalom Pipe Factory was a Danish pipemaker named 'Muki Liebermann', who later lived and worked in the USA. Muki is known for his unique briar bending technique and his original shapes that gave inspiration to many of the most praised Danish pipemakers.

Shalom was taken over by Robert L. Marx of New York City, later Sparta, NC, then of Mastercraft. Mastercraft continued the Alpha pipes introducing new lines.

Other brands from Israel:

  • Andersen
  • Burl King (Best known for their Danish-looking "thumbhole" pipes with plateau tops.)
  • Fader (Presumably for Fader's Tobacco Shop, Baltimore. Also known: Fader - Made In Denmark.)
  • Goliath Briar (huge pipes)
  • Krisson
  • Mastersen
  • Trophy