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Spence Pipes

Taft about himself:

"My name is Taft Spence, and I live in Nashville, Tn. I am a Deputy Sheriff, and make pipe's whenever I can. I have been making pipes for just over a year now, and enjoy it just as much as I do oil painting. When people look at my art work, or my pipe's, I always recieve great reviews of my work. When I tell them that I am legally blind, I usually get the same response."Your kidding."

Well I wish I was kidding, but it's the truth. Now mind you I'm not like totally blind, but enough to make the simple things in life alot harder. Alot of the pipe making process takes me longer than normal, but I'm used to it. I hope you enjoy my site. I will be adding things as I grow as a Pipe Maker, so visit often. Thanks and God Bless."

Taft Spence
Nashville, TN

E-mail: tspencepipes@yahoo.com
Website: Spence Pipes