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Stefanou Pipex

Stefanou Pipex
Stefanou Pipex



Our family buissnes which is based close to the Ancient Theatre of Epidaurus (2km away) manufactures pipes of the high quality for 36 years now.

The father George Stefanou learnt all the secrets of this job in Brigham M.F.G. factory in Canada. When he immigrated he worked there, in all levels of the assembly line from 1968 until 1980.

He moves back to Greece in 1981, buikts ghis own buissnes and he eventually teaches his two sons, Alexander and Stavros, all the secrets of his job. They continue along with tha father to maintain and expand this tradition wiyh special care and patience until toady.

The main characteristics of these pipes are the best materials, the excellent quality and the reasonable prices.


They look for the best naturral wood in the forest of Arta, Olympia and Evia. This wood goes throughh ifferent procedures to end up having a handmade final touch wich is done with exrtreme care so as each product to be unique piece of art with an excellent appearance and of the highest quality.

Espite all the knowledge these people have, concerning the secrets of hand made manufactured pipes, the family buissness is constantly experimenting not only in the development of the existing PIPES but also in the creation of new ones aiming primarily at the highest possible pleasure for the smoker.

You will find these PIPES in the best shops with similar PIPES in Greece and in all over the world. You can also visit our factory and purchase your pipes there, as many visitors do every day.

Stefanou Pipex Briar Pipes
Agiou Georgiou 5
Lygourio Epidavros, 21052
Phone: +302753022477
Fax: +302753023044