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Stich Swiss Pipe


In the years 1940/41 major controversies occurred between the director of the Bru-Bu pipe works and some of his workers ending with a breakup between employer and employees. To avoid to become unemployed, the Stich brothers and their sons, 7 persons all in all who had partially been working for Bru-Bu for 46 years, decided to join forces and to establish a pipe workshop of their own in 1941. A very courageous decision in those war years. The family clan managed to gather a capital of CHF 21.000 and the Pfeifengenossenschaft Stich Söhne was founded.

Like the other pipe brands in the community of Kleinlützel in the Canton of Solothurn - Bru-Bu (founded by Joseph Brunner) and Tschan (founded by Moritz Tschan) -, the Stichs began with traditional Swiss pipes like the Bündner, Schwyzer, Appenzeller or Tessin types. In 1945 the production of walking sticks was started follwed by a wide range of other wooden goods to be offered. Classically formed freehand shapes - lines "Classic" or "Romantik" e.g. - enlarged the program from ca. the 1960's on. Stich also offered the more affordable brand Gloriss.

After a conflagration in the factory it was announced that only freehands and the Appenzeller type were produced furthermore. As of 11-08-2008 Stich notified that the pipe production is ceased completely excepting the Lindauer type.

Drechslerei Stich AG
Schulstrasse 339
4245 Kleinlützel

Tel.: +41 61 771 06 02
Fax: +41 61 771 06 45
Website: Stich Swiss Pipe