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Frank Storm started to learn pipe repair in 1970 by working part time repairing pipes for the local Edward's pipe shop and other Edward's stores. In 1976, he purchased a tobacco store that was about to close down that contained the equipment that he had learned on, and he started doing his customers' pipes. He currently has one national account, Savinelli, for whom he has been doing repairs for 20 years, 75-80 shops coast to coast that he repairs for, and another 80-plus individuals. Frank sold his retail store early in 2004 and semi-retired to his home north of Saint Paul, where he built a detached workshop on his property in which he does repairs and custom pipe making as a hobby.

Frank says that there isn't much in repairing pipes that he cannot do. He doesn't do restamping or much on logos, though he can do Dunhill dots, GBD inserts, and Sasieni blue dots. Frank says that because this is a hobby that he enjoys doing, his prices are as low as anyone's. His turn time is in today, out tomorrow, unless he's fishing. During the summer, it's a couple of days.

Restoration Pipe Repair
P.O. Box 3
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Frank R. Storm
29403 Hillcrest Dr.
Stacy, MN 55079-8604

Tel.: 651 - 462 - 0187
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