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Edith Corrieri, current owner, Courtesy,

In 1904 Edmund Jolitschke founded a company that, at the begining, produced cigar and cigarette mouthpieces and later meerschaum pipes. In 1922, Robert Strambach became the leader of the company and he expanded the business. He produced meerschaum pipes and Calabash pipes, and he developed a system to produce the meerschaum mass (this is a convolut of small sepiolith pieces, grinded down, and pressed together with a bonding agent). In 1974, Edith Corrieri succeeded to her father. She is a master-turner, and today, she is the only producing high quality calabashes and meerschaum pipes in Europe.

"The Company produces blocks-meerschaum dressed and decorated with silver, and it produced Calabash pipes with headpipes coloured and economic meerschaum pressed.

In 1981, The Robert Strambach Company, the only producer of meerschaum, have had the Austria armorial and Edith Corrieri had made "Judge of Trade" for its merits.

My company was started in 1904 by my uncle Edmund, and in 1922 my father Robert took over the firm. In the following fifty years my father expanded the firm with many ideas e.g. he developed a special technique to transform raw meerschaum into workable material (so-called meerschaum masse),the secret formula to which he revealed to me shortly before his death. As I was the only child I had the chance in 1974 to become one of the first females in the field of pipe making. After three years of training I received a diploma as Master of Pipemaking. Today we are the only manufacturer of Meerschaum and Calabash Pipes in the European Union and are still making our pipes according the same age-old formula. In 1981 STRAMBACH PIPE CO. was awarded the Austrian "State Seal" for exceptional quality." Edith Corrieri, current owner

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Messrs Robert Strambach
Sandwirtgasse 6
1060 Vienna

Phone: +43 1 5976 680
Website: Strambach Pipes