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I take exception to the posting initially made to Pipedia on Ed Burak.

Ed Burak's pipe are NOT made by Paul Perri, nor are they made by Weber or Jobey. He does not "finish" his pipes; he designs them, only. (During his five-year apprenticeship with Paul Fischer, Ed did carve a few Meerschaums. They are extremely rare. I have one; he has a few; the whereabouts of the others is unknown.) He was not born in 1940; he was born in 1943. The information initially posted on Pipedia was taken from Lopes's book. Lopes was not as careful as he ought to have been in varifying his information on Ed Burak and Connoisseur. At the 2008 CPCC show Lopes told me he does not remember the source of this misinformation.

                          --  Rob Denholtz,
Hello Rob, thanks for your input. If you would please edit the actual article to reflect the more accurate information you have, that would be most helpful. Also, if you would like to upload and include more or better pipe pics for Ed's work, simply click the Upload File link on the side navigation, upload your pics, then follow the instructions for including them in the article here: . Links to other help information on editing etc. can be found by clicking Help on the side navigation. Thanks, I really appreciate your help! --sethile 07:22, 7 August 2008 (CDT)

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