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The first real impulse into making a pipe with my own hands was during my visit to Italy when my friend Alberto Paronelli gave me a small historical pipe. It’s shape (and also history) fascinated me and later my first „flat pipe“ was made. Still after some time passed I had this growing desire to create something „of my own“. Something that would be characteristic and recognizable in the vast variety of author pipes made by my more experienced colleagues. Something that could be recognized the same way as cars, fashion, jewelry, pictures. And later on I really made this happen... The concept of „finding one’s edge“ has been fulfilled in the very sense of meaning and my pipes now truly are characteristic – with their edges. Perhaps at first this was not an intention, just the classical human desire to hold something in the hand, something that you can touch, slide your fingers over, stroke, examine, play with, either when being calm or in stress. The desire to touch is natural and if the thing you touch is also as beautiful as the briar that I use for making my pipes, then the owner will receive an esthetic experience comparable to an experience of fine art or deep emotion. So now my pipes are „typical“ and I know that I am following a path that I really enjoy.