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Hi, Because, I discovered you are the original author of article "Masta" my first question is: Did you anytime see or research for original Masta patent? I attempted to find this patent in UK, but seems the patents from the possible years were destroyed during WWII. Also I did not found any of Masta patent in US. Second, I grew in Poland and start smoking pipes there, but I do not have a single Polish pipe. What pipes from Poland do you have? Aserafin (talk)

Hello Aserfin, it is nice to meet you!

I did not do any research on the Masta pipes, I remember (vaguely) editing and organizing the pages a while ago. I have Worobiec pipe, which I enjoy now and again. There is a city in the south-east of Poland, Przemysl that seems to be a center of pipe making. Bmackenty (talk) 15:37, 23 December 2021 (UTC)