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Volker Bier uses to listen to loud (really loud!) Rock or Heavy Metal music when working on his pipes. Hence his grading uses the names of his most favorite bands:

  • JP — Judas Priest - rusticated and partially rusticated pipes.
  • IR — Iron Maiden - smooth pipes; grain not just super and also may have small spots.
  • RA — Rammstein - smooth pipes with beautiful grain; few minor spots.
  • MA — Manowar - smooth pipes with beautiful grain; no spots.

More recently introduced and not representing a grade but a certain line of pipes were

  • IE — In Extremo - pipes with bamboo shanks.
  • BR — Brings - Mooreiche / Morta pipes.

The grading has no meaning at all for the quality of craftsmanship. In his own words: a JP is just as well (or poorly) made as a MA.


Contact Information

Volker Bier
Am Bungert 5
53797 Lohmar

Phone: +49 (0)2246 169528
E-mail: pfeifenbier@aol.com
Website: www.pfeifen-bier.de currently not available